What we offer:

  •  mindfulness-based counseling               
  •  body-centered counseling
  •  creative and expressive therapies
  •  behavioral medicine
  •  trauma-informed counseling practices
  •  clinical hypnosis
  •  EMDR 
              (eye movement desensitization                            & reprocessing)

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*LivingWell is not a corporation, professional organization, or separate legal entity, but a collaborative of independent practitioners who share the belief that mind/body/spiritual health is best achieved and maintained through complementary approaches.  The   practitioners  offering services  associated with  LivingWell are licensed or  certified professionals (depending on the requirements of the profession).  
​LW was founded in 2008 by Sally Bowden-Schaible. 
LivingWell is a collaborative of practitioners dedicated to cultivating mind-body health and spiritual growth through practices of mindful awareness, creative expression, and integrated care  

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The “C’s” of Coping in a Complicated World
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The philosophical foundation of LivingWell*:

Clinical research has shown us that the mind and body are not two separate entities, but an interactive whole in which our neurophysiology and biochemistry continually change. These changes affect our thoughts and feelings about what we are experiencing (internally and in relation to the external world); and how we respond (thoughts, speech, and actions) or, more often, react to what we are experiencing affects, in turn, our neurophysiology and biochemistry. Understanding that the nature of reality, including human reality, is dynamic and constantly changing offers a hopeful perspective. Practices of mindful awareness and creative expression seek to facilitate our awareness of this dynamic which can lead to our making positive, healthy changes in our approach towards and experience of life.