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   836 Main Street ~ Westbrook, ME  04092
LivingWell* offers a range of services and programfor people interested in an integrated approach to mind/body/spiritual health and well-being. For information about our services and programs click onto the following links:

In addition, there is a "lending library" comprised of books that address topics such as self-care and self-help, parenting approaches, being in relationships, mindfulness, creativity, spirituality, and various holistic approaches to promoting and supporting mind/body health and well-being.  
Services and programs for the community:

Individual, couples, family, and group counseling and psychotherapy for persons who experience: 

  •   substance abuse/addiction 
  •   stress-related/exacerbated mind-body illnesses and health issues 
  •   anxiety and mood disorders 
  •   difficulties arising from traumatic life experiences
  •   parenting concerns
  •   relationship difficulties
  •   decision-making challenges regarding family planning
  •   difficulties dealing with loss and transition throughout the life cycle

Services and programs* for counselors/psychotherapists, healthcare providers, and educators:

Workshops, seminars, and programs 
Programs offered by Sally Bowden-Schaible, LCPC, CCMHC:  TBA

  •   Transforming Words: the use of poetry in counseling and psychotherapy
  •   Transforming Words: entering into “The Peace of Wild Things” (Wendell Berry)
  •   An Introduction to Buddhist Psychology & Its Application to Counseling Practice
  •   Mindfulness & Meditation in the Mental Health Profession (20 hour CE program)
  •   Ethics in Counseling  (Buddhist Ethics, Counseling Ethics: comparative & complementary practices)
  •   Being with Suffering: on loss & change
  •   Living a “Successful” Life: the language of compassion & compassionate action in healing relationships
  • ​  Mindfulness in Nature: healing practices for the mind-body 

LivingWell is a community of independent practitioners who share a common philosophy regarding the promotion and maintenance of health and well-being. It is not a corporation, professional organization, or separate legal entity.
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